Why Men Should Do Yoga

There are many benefits of doing yoga and science has shown that yoga has the ability to improve mood and posture, enhance mental focus as well as relieve stress. But even when the benefits are so obvious, many still view yoga as a sport for sexy peeps. It also has a reputation for not being

Yoga Is Great For Anxiety

Are you feeling agitated? fearful? or overwhelmed by life? or maybe your feeling stuck when life becomes relentlessly challenging? Your partner wants to know what’s for dinner, your boss wants to talk about the upcoming project and your phone just won’t stop ringing.  It’s almost impossible to avoid stress and anxiety in this fast paced

Yoga Helps Arthritis

Yoga, an activity that combines meditation, breathing techniques and exercise, has been used to boost mental and physical health for more than 5000 years. But does it really reduce the symptoms of arthritis like stiffness or pain and psychological issues? Of course. Scientific research has repeatedly proven that yoga can help those suffering from arthritis

Yoga For High Blood Pressure

You probably know someone in your life who has high blood pressure and pops pills to keep it under control. Hypertension is a great health concern for health professionals especially since it affects one in three people. It also has adverse health effects including increased risk of kidney diseases, heart failure and stroke. The signs

6 Tips Living A Happier, Healthier life!

Many people spend their whole lives in search of happiness, often travelling thousands and thousands of miles in hope that somehow they will meet someone or something that is going to make them happy. However, seeking happiness in the external world will only ever bring a temporary level of happiness, it is very short lived.

The Power Of The Breath!

Breathing. We do it everyday and don’t even notice it. Is it important? Well obviously, we can’t live without it. It is one of the major mechanisms of detoxification in the body. One breath allows for blood to be pumped to the body at once, and reaches muscles and organs. It cleanses them of carbon

The Spiritual Path of Yoga

Yoga in Sanskrit means “to unite” or “to join” in its most literal sense. Yoga is an ancient meditation technique dating back to the 5th and 6th century. There is a broad variety of schools of thought regarding its practices and goals in Buddhism, Hinduism and Jainism. The four paths of Yoga are Jnana Yoga,

3 Ways To Combat Stress!!!

Are you feeling stressed? Struggle to unwind after a long day in work? Carrying unwanted tension in your mind or on the shoulders? Let’s face it life can be pretty stressful at times having to juggle work and family life, managing finances and meeting tight deadlines. Young people are even falling victim with many admitting