How great would it be to not feel like you’re a slave to food… to not feel powerless when it comes to cravings and to be able to look in the mirror and truly love the person that’s looking back at you… to feel like yourself in your own body?

The problem most women face is they don’t know where to begin when it comes to ending their battle with food and their body. Women are bombarded with images of “the perfect figure” placing high standards on themselves to be able to eat “healthy foods”

Many women find themselves following restricted eating based diets not allowing themselves certain foods, following ridged meal plans or trending diets which only add to the mental and emotional pressure when trying to “look and feel good” about what they eat and how their body looks.

The sad fact is this approach to food and your body often leads to yo yo dieting, fluctuations in weight, over exercising, binge eating due to cravings such as sugary foods, a major lack of motivation & that’s not to mention the mental & emotional roller coaster cased by body shaming and constantly comparing yourself to others.

The mental and emotional pressure of this viscous cycle can have compounding effects on your physical & mental health, your relationships in your life, your career and most importantly the relationship you have with yourself…. especially because your confidence and self esteem takes such a beating.

Although I’ve already mentioned many problems causing the battle women have with food and their body, none of these are the core reasons they struggle.

In fact we’ve found after helping hundreds of women overcome the metal and emotional pressures of life through yoga and meditation who particularly struggle with food and their body that when you look past what seems to be the challenges and go deep inside of yourself you begin to realise the many problems women face fall into these 3 major reasons we’re about to share with you below. Knowing this you’ll finally be aware of where your focus has to go to heal your relationship with food and your body.

So let’s dive into the 3 majors reasons women struggle with food and their body’s….


1. You’re Eating From A Place Of Fear Not Love

We live in a world where food has become a drug.

In other words it’s easy to find comfort in food as it serves as a way to feel good in the moment, numbing the stress of modern day life.

We’re bombarded with ads left right and centre telling us to eat more and more foods that taste great but have negative long term affects on our health.

The constant barrage of messages commanding us to indulge and enjoy food is overwhelming.

Alongside using food as a way to comfort themselves from the stress day to day life can bring, woman in particular are bombarded with images of what the perfect body should look like.

So in essence, without even realising it majority of women are in a back and forth battle between being able to enjoy food freely and completely restricting themselves because of the pressure of living up to the expectations of how a woman should look.

If you constantly battle with what you should and shouldn’t be eating or are constantly yo yo dieting and then falling off track, having ate a whole pack of biscuits and wondered…

“where the hell did they go?”… this one applies to you.

You’re most likely using food to numb the fear you face of not looking and feeling exactly how you want to feel.

You’re possibly looking at yourself in the mirror and Judging how you look causing feelings of anger, frustration, shame and guilt.

You try to make changes to your diet and lifestyle but they don’t stick because you’re acting out of fear.

Fear that your relationship with food and your body will only get worse.

This is a vicious cycle… one many women fall into.

But with a minor mindset shift you can over come this.

You see, when you begin coming from a place of love towards yourself you no longer fill your body mindlessly.

But instead, you start to fuel your body intuitively.

Intuitively you’d never want to abuse your body, so if you do want to treat yourself from time to time (which is completely ok by the way)… you’d never mindlessly do it to often but instead it’s an occasional treat for yourself because you love yourself enough to do so.

So ask yourself.

“Am I Eating from a place of love for myself or fear?”

And ask yourself this often and your body will always guide you.

2. You’re Being Lead By Social & Cultural Conditioning

Alongside the constant barrage of ads put in our face from businesses and food corporations…

We are also bombarded with opinions from family, friends and now recommendations via social media.

We are overwhelmed with information to the point it’s difficult to know who to listen to or where to start.

You may have been lead to eating a diet that sounds great and the idea of it is great…

You may have even seen others thrive and get great results from certain diets but you’ve tried them yourself and they just don’t agree with you…

You end up constantly falling off track or you push through only to have your body send you signals such as bloating, fatigue, cravings and even mental and emotional strain.

After going through this over and over again, hopping from diet to diet and never feeling comfortable in your own body it most often leads to a place where you just sort of “give up”.

You then turn to foods that don’t serve you such as takeaways & processed surgery foods.

They taste great and give you a moment of pleasure but you end up in a vicious cycle…

Leading you to feeling even lower in yourself asking yourself whether you’ll ever find a way that suits you…

You may even end up over exercising because it’s the only way you can feel good to maintain the way you look or fight off unwanted weight.

This is an exhausting place to be…

One that can only be dealt with when you no longer look for answers outside of yourself but reconnect with what your body is telling you.

A great way to do this is actually speaking to your body after meals… “Speak to your body?” I hear you say lol… My reply is “YES” speak to your body!

It may not communicate to you in plain English but it’s always giving you feedback, you just need to pay attention…

Ask yourself…

“Body, how do you feel? Did that food agree with you?”

Often instantaneously your body will give you clear signals…

From, gas, pimples, fatigue, bloating or even more energy, clarity of mind, a sense of well-being etc

Begin communicating with your body… it’s always trying to guide you.

If you’d like to reconnect with your body click here to download a meditation series and allow us to guide you to restore order in your mind and body.

3. You’re In A Body Shaming Trap & Constantly Comparing Yourself To Others

Some women struggle with body image issues all their life, often though this one in particular is the one which can creep up on you.

For example, you look in the mirror one day and say… “Wow! How did I end up like this!!”

In other words, you ate relatively well and looked after yourself but due to a change in circumstances or lifestyle you fell of track somewhat.

It could have been a change in your career throwing you of track causing you to skip meals and binge eat at the end of the day.

It could’ve been an emotional event such as having a baby or splitting with a loved one casing you to put on weight finding yourself in a completely different place with your body.

Or you may have struggled with your food & your body most of your life never feeling at peace within yourself.

In any event it can crush your confidence & self esteem. If it’s crept up on you it seems to happen so fast that you don’t even notice the change in your body until it’s almost “to late”.

Often, those around you comment & start saying “Have you put on a bit of weight?” 

You instantly go into either denial or panic mode.

Denial leads to more weight gain and falling into a place that seems impossible to escape.

Making you further feel like you’ve lost your old self.

And panic mode causes you to jump in the gym or on fad diets often leading to weight loss but only to put it back on or burn yourself out mentally and physically trying to keep things up.

Either way you fall into a place where you’re constantly body shaming and comparing yourself to others who “seem to have it all”.

As you can see, these 3 major causes overlap somewhat but we’ve found you can categorise them into these 3 reasons women struggle with food and their body’s.

So with all that being said, how do you fix these major challenges?

Well you can either keep running to the next fad diet or the gym trying to fix your problem…

You could also choose apathy, feeling defeated and allow your self esteem and confidence to be trodden down even more…

But these often lead to running round in circles doing what we call fire fighting. Which get’s results but often they do not last or stick hence why we say go around in circles.

Or you can begin with healing the relationship with yourself first.

Food and your body is not your primary challenges…

Change must come from within.

So, If you want to begin calming, healing & restoring order to your mind & body so you can end your battle with food and your body then click here to download a meditation series and allow us to guide you so you can begin to end your fight with food and your body.

We hope this short article has helped you understand yourself a little bit better.

Love and light

Holly, Nishti & Phil from IGo Yoga

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