How To Heal From Mental, Emotional Or Physical Pain Using Meditation

Are you experiencing any type of mental, physical or emotional pain which lingers effecting your overall well-being? If so it may be leaving you… Frustrated, Tired, Anxious and even concerned, especially if you feel you’ve exhausted all options to bring balance back to your mind & body. Strangely, Pain has become something we numb with drugs, ignore because we’re “to busy” (which makes things even worse) and we’ve come to avoid it at all cost mainly because of the discomfort it causes in our lives.

The Underlying Reason Why You Constantly Struggle With Food & Your Body

How liberating would it be to end the constant battle you find yourself in with food and your body? Just imagine being able to look in the mirror without the shame and judgmental comments you throw at yourself each day. Imagine not constantly falling off track finding yourself mindlessly devouring an entire packet of biscuits, crisps or chocolates without even realising it after a long day at work…

Is Comparison To Others Killing Your Self Esteem?

In today’s world and especially with majority of people posting there best bits of life on social media it can be easy to fall into the comparison trap.

This leads to many people looking at their own lives and feeling unfulfilled with their health, career, relationships and many other areas of life.

Falling into this trap can cause all sorts of mental and emotional pressure so In this episode of “Conscious Conversations” Holly & Phil will be sharing not only how you can avoid allowing