Yoga Is Great For Anxiety

Are you feeling agitated? fearful? or overwhelmed by life? or maybe your feeling stuck when life becomes relentlessly challenging? Your partner wants to know what’s for dinner, your boss wants to talk about the upcoming project and your phone just won’t stop ringing.  It’s almost impossible to avoid stress and anxiety in this fast paced

6 Tips Living A Happier, Healthier life!

Many people spend their whole lives in search of happiness, often travelling thousands and thousands of miles in hope that somehow they will meet someone or something that is going to make them happy. However, seeking happiness in the external world will only ever bring a temporary level of happiness, it is very short lived.

The Power Of The Breath!

Breathing. We do it everyday and don’t even notice it. Is it important? Well obviously, we can’t live without it. It is one of the major mechanisms of detoxification in the body. One breath allows for blood to be pumped to the body at once, and reaches muscles and organs. It cleanses them of carbon