I have finished Masters degree in physical education and I am qualified Introductory Level II Iyengar yoga teacher.

I took my first steps in yoga under Janusz Szopa, and I continued my further yoga path with Kondrad Kocot, one of the most experienced Iyengar yoga teachers in Poland.

I moved to England 2 years ago and I regularly attend classes at the Iyengar Yoga Institute in Birmingham, where I am taught by Jayne Orton, who is a Junior Advanced level 1 teacher, and Andrew Hall, who is a Junior Intermediate level 3 teacher.

In order to deepen my own practice and knowledge about yoga I also regularly participate in workshops conducted by Jayne Orton, Lois Steinberg, Stefan Lalo, Jurek Jagucki. In February 2016, I spent the whole month at Iyengar Yoga Institute in Pune in India, where the Iyengar method was established.

Off the mat, I like to spend my free time drawing and travelling.

Yoga for me is the peace, which I have been looking for so long, a challenge and a source of great joy. When I practise yoga I feel happy and fulfilled, although it is not always easy. Yoga gives me strength, opens the mind, allows to look differently at the surrounding me people and the world, and helps me to accept difficult situations.

I think yoga has found me, even if I was strongly defending myself against it. Now I cannot imagine my life without it. I love yoga for its wonderfully relaxing effect on me, for the knowledge about my own body that I learnt through it and the opportunity to improve it. For the fact that it forces me to be here and now, and to concentrate on my own practise.

I love yoga for giving me so much, even though I expect nothing from it.