Karina found yoga over 10 years ago after searching for something to alleviate the physical demands of being an amateur athlete. Although my practice was inconsistent initially, there was something about yoga which kept me coming back. I discovered Ashtanga Yoga and fell in love straight away. With consistent practice, I found the many benefits of this wonderful lifestyle seeping into all areas of my life off the mat. Not only did I become physically stronger, more flexible and a better triathlete; able to train harder and remain injury-free, I found my yoga practice was having a positive affect on my mind; I became more focused, less stressed and happier overall.
After years of taking from yoga I was compelled to start giving back, so decided to travel to India to study Ashtanga yoga and gain my teaching qualification. I believe wholeheartedly in the science of yoga and want to help spread the practice as far and as wide as I can.”
Karina gained her 200 Hour Ashtanga Teacher Training qualification in Kerala, South India in 2016. She is an enthusiastic teacher with a passion for health and wellness and loves inspiring and supporting people on their journey to be the best versions of themselves.
Karina teaches a traditional style of Ashtanga Yoga with a particular focus on building strength and flexibility whilst quieting the chatter of the mind.

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