If you’re putting that positive happy go lucky front up everywhere you go… or…

You’re tired of hearing…. “CHEER UP!!”… knowing it’s not as easy as that…. Then this blog post is definitely for you!

We’re living in a time where our happiness is pushed and pulled by the latest trend, gadget or fad that’s currently the in thing.

So the biggest problem people have when aiming to maintain their personal happiness is knowing what makes you happy in the first place.

If you struggle to know what makes you truly happy…. how will you ever know when happiness comes into your life?

When you establish happiness within your life you will have a strong set of strong core values.

And when you live by them you’ll struggle to ever have your happiness compromised again.

On top of all that you’ll be able to maintain your happiness even through hard times.

The first layer of true happiness starts with YOU!!…

Ask yourself these questions starting with this one… What makes you happy?


How much sleep makes you happy?…

What foods make you happy?…

How much exercise makes you happy?…

What career makes you happy?…

What work hours make you happy?…


How much alone time do you need?…

The list of questions are endless but the key point to take away is asking yourself…

“have you ever asked yourself these questions before?”

If not then you’ve most likely fell into a sleeping pattern that’s not serving you, eating foods that deplete you, doing exercises that bore you, not doing any exercise at all or you’re working a career and hours that drain you.

If that’s you then now is the time to establish your happiness by asking yourself these questions.

Happiness in life starts with knowing what makes you happy to begin with… once you know that you can start doing more of what makes you happy and eventually design a life that meets your personal needs.

Take time each day to become mindful of your choices because your choices create the life you live.

It’s easy to choose the same old mundane patterns leading you to a life without lasting happiness.

For that reason we’ve decided to put together a Mindful Me Meditation Evening to help you become mindful of those all important choices you make and begin choosing a happier and healthier path in life.

Click here to secure your spot and get full details.

Love and light

Holly and the team @ IGo Yoga

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