Imagine a life where procrastination did not exist…

Imagine you never delayed or postponed making healthy changes to your lifestyle, you always made time to meditate, exercise and read empowering books and you had the courage to confront the people who put you down and abuse your good nature instead of putting it off for days, weeks, months and even years.

In other words imagine a life free of procrastination where you followed through on important decisions that moved your life in a positive direction.

But in reality procrastination stops you… Do you know what’s causing you to Procrastinate?

I’ve struggled with procrastination in the past just like 99.9% of the population do…

The truth is it’s easy to fix as I share in the short video blog below & through my journey using yoga and meditation to improve my life I share the truth behind why we procrastinate & how to overcome it…. enjoy..

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