Self Love Secrets & Heart Opening Yoga Flow

Saturday 15th Feb 2020 2-5pm

…Self-love is absolutely essential in creating a happy & healthy life!

…Are you ready to surrender to the flow of love that will renew & heal you?

If so then join Holly on this heart-warming workshop where you will uncover the Secrets To Self-Love so you can begin to love & accept yourself fully without relying on receiving love from others.

During this sacred workshop we will dismantle the misconceptions around LOVE, and how they have shaped our worldly views and life circumstances today.

…and instead tap into a ‘higher love’ so you can radiate a sense of wholeness which will in turn attract an abundance of unconditional love & compassion into all areas of your life.

Using practical knowledge and heart opening exercises, we will shake off old and unwanted emotional baggage that may be weighing your heart down and renew the love you have for yourself, those around you and the world in which you live.

Together, we journey into the heart centre using breath work, meditation & mindful journaling, as well as participate in a 40min gentle Heart Opening Yoga practice that will clear any energetic blocks or dissolve any protective layers that you have built up around your heart space.

If you feel this Mindful Me Workshop will change, improve or alter your life for the better then do not delay as spaces are limited.

Early Bird Tickets are £25 until 8th Feb & £30 thereafter. Click here to book or find out more! 

Please note this a 3 hour intensive workshop, so you are welcome to bring home comforts such as a blanket, cushions, and plently of good quality water.

You will also receive a special gift from us on arrival & we will be sure to feed you after the workshop has concluded.

We look forward to sharing this special day with you!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak to myself or one of the team!

Until then,

Love & Light

Holly xxx

Ecstatic Dance

Saturday 22th Feb 2020 5.45pm-8pm

Dance, connect with others, free your body and mind

What is an Ecstatic Dance?

Ecstatic dance is a free-form dance movement without guidance, dance expressively or however feels good to you. Dance solo amongst others or with partners.

Why should I go?

To enjoy a safe space to dance without a nightclub vibe. Ecstatic dance empowers people of all backgrounds to freely express themselves.
It is about getting great exercise, freeing your mind and body, connecting with yourself and others in a healthy non judgmental space.

Do I have to know how to dance?

No! Ecstatic dance is about how the movement feels and not how it looks. You are encouraged to move however you wish.

What to bring:

Wear comfortable clothes. Bring some water and a towel.

Few little Rules
✨No Alcohol/drugs/smoking
✨No chatting in the dance space. No chatting, allow you and others to connect with your inner self. Release tension and let the music guide your movement.
✨No phones in the dance space
✨Move your body however you wish
✨You can dance alone or with a partner.. If somebody offers you a shared dance and you are not interested, bow your hands at heart to say “no thank you”.

This is a space open for people of all ages, including children.

Tickets £10 in advance
£12 on the door
~ Free for kids (under 14) Please advise children of our intention before arriving.

Click Here To Reserve Your Ticket Or Find Out More!

Refreshments at the end 😋

on Saturday 22nd February we dance as one 💜