After listening to a podcast recently I was blown away by a guy called Chris Kresser who was being interviewed.

Let me just say he knows his stuff when it comes to being healthy….

He said something that really made me think and I know it’ll make you think too.

He said “We’re living in a time where we’ve distorted our views on what’s normal and what’s common.”

For example…

We’ve accepted stress & depression as normal.

People walk around saying “I’m stressed, depressed, unhappy and feeling sad”… all of the time!!

It’s become way to common…

There’s a big difference between what’s common and what’s normal.

It’s common to see people walk around overly stressed and unhappy with their life.

But that’s not normal!

Our bodies aren’t designed to stay in prolonged states of stress…

This leads to many complications and if not fixed will lead to ill health and disease.

We must become more mindful and aware of how to take responsibility for the way we feel because the implications and consequences are severe.

With that being said are you one of those people that’s in a state of stress or anxiety way to often.

Is it starting to affect your health and overall wellbeing?

If so then it’s time to learn how to manage the mental and emotional pressures of life and start discovering how to be healthier happier and start living a more abundant life.

Don’t wait till the new year… plan now so you’re ready to hit the ground running.

To help you do that come along to our mindful me meditation workshop where you’ll learn how to get complete order in your life resulting in a healthy and happier you.

We’ll also do a group energy clearing meditation which will leave you feeling lighter and much more motivated to take action immediately.

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Love & Light


Holly & the team @ IGo Yoga

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