There are many benefits of doing yoga and science has shown that yoga has the ability to improve mood and posture, enhance mental focus as well as relieve stress. But even when the benefits are so obvious, many still view yoga as a sport for sexy peeps. It also has a reputation for not being a real workout, bendy and stretchy or an exercise for women only. As such, not many men practice yoga today mainly because they don’t believe that they can make yoga what they want it to be. It can be a gentle, relaxing exercise, or it can be an adrenaline-fuelled, restorative exercise. So why should any man do yoga?

It can increase libido

Believe it or not, yoga has an innate ability to increase libido. There are various yoga exercises that promote blood flow to the groin and by so doing; they increase energy in this area thus revitalizing your sexual prowess. Breathing techniques help improve concentration skills and ultimately channel your sexual energy. This increases sexual endurance by preventing ejaculation. All of the above make men more responsive and sensitive lovers.

It helps remove stress

Another major benefit of yoga is that it helps fight stress. In a world where almost everything is fast pace, yoga is one of the few things that allow people to escape to a quite environment where they can relax and breathe right. Many yoga exercises are geared towards provision of a clear mind that’s balanced. Yoga teaches you how to slow down and this allows you to let go of all the worries you had before and after the class. It allows you to better focus on the present and enjoy it.

It increases flexibility

Working out a lot on gyms can result in a lot of muscle stiffness. Practicing yoga can help men get rid of this stiffness and regain better flexibility in their body. This is because yoga stretches all parts of the body and stretches them thus getting rid of lactic acid that’s accumulated due to vigorous exercise over time. Improved flexibility allows you to play any sport you want and even touch your toes!

It works the entire body

One of the biggest advantages of yoga is that it works the entire body including muscles you never knew you had. Practicing yoga requires the body to use every muscle and by so doing, it helps you tone and develop them.

With all these benefits and more, why would any man not want to practice yoga? Enroll for an IGO yoga class and treat yourself to a new experience. Simply click on the link below to a redeem a free class. (offer only available for new clients only, Terms & Conditions apply).

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