Are you feeling agitated? fearful? or overwhelmed by life? or maybe your feeling stuck when life becomes relentlessly challenging?

Your partner wants to know what’s for dinner, your boss wants to talk about the upcoming project and your phone just won’t stop ringing.  It’s almost impossible to avoid stress and anxiety in this fast paced life…and if anxiety is getting the best of you, try hitting the mat and doing a few yoga exercises. Yoga is an activity that combines meditation, controlled breathing as well as physical poses. It can help lower your heart rate, lower blood pressure and reduce anxiety.

Everyone suffers from anxiety at one point or another in their lives. If not checked, it can develop into chronic anxiety and this form of anxiety can take a tremendous toll on the body from keeping your mind in a constant state of stress to draining energy resources. If the body is not exercised, anxiety can take a nasty turn as its effects are magnified. Breathing remains constricted for most of the time, tension builds in your muscles and what’s worse is that the mind doesn’t get a break from the feelings and thoughts that feed the anxiety.

Practicing yoga regularly allows you to access your inner strength which makes it possible for you to face your challenges, frustrations and fears of daily life. Yoga reduces stress and fights anxiety by developing coping skills through daily routines of meditation, breathing and exercise. Doing a few exercises before meditation helps alleviate tension, relax the body and regulate breathing.

Yoga has many forms, styles and intensities, it is great for managing stress and anxiety. But regardless of the form or style of yoga you decide upon, you still reap the benefits. It’s all about what you prefer and physical ability.

A study conducted in 2004 found that over the past few decades, the number of people practicing yoga has increased considerably. It also cited that yoga is the most rigorous standard for improving efficacy. Reviews all over the internet have also proven the capability of yoga to help with depression, anxiety and stress. Through meditation, breathing and physical exercises, yoga can go a long way in modulating anxiety response systems. In turn, it helps ease respiration, lower heart rate and blood pressure. By helping improve mood, yoga also promotes the fight against anxiety. To learn more about how yoga can benefit you and take advantage of those benefits, simply click on the link below to a redeem a free class. (offer only available for new clients only, Terms & Conditions apply).

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